Own products sales

TM "SІM'YA" more than 10 years, is a leading manufacturer of thermal insulation boards, systems, installation of permanent formwork for the construction of thermo, decor of polystyrene foam.
Offer for sale products from expanded polystyrene, made by imported equipment, using innovative technology and high-quality imported raw materials.
A plate of expanded polystyrene ПСБ-С-25, ПСБ-С-35, ПСБ-С-50, will be delivered to you as soon as possible, according to ДСТУ Б В.2.7-8-94 DSTU B V.2.7-8-94 standard and non-standard size: 4000h1250h1000 mm.
Permanent formwork of polystyrene foam, manufactured by us - is a modern heat-, sound-proof, simple, fast installation and low cost, durability and longevity.
Decorative products of expanded polystyrene are successfully sold in Ukraine and abroad.
Ceiling moldings, wall plates, rosettes, columns, brackets - this is not a complete list of products. Special attention was paid to this season extruded baguette, this unique product quality and price in the market of Ukraine. Sure that will be extruded moldings market leader in Ukraine.
While working with our company you’ll receive:
Ø  High quality products. Our products corresponds to the best standards, which are available on the Ukrainian market, we are constantly improving our product range, it include exclusive positions of the last generation
Ø  Reasonable prices. Our prices are interesting for distributor as well as to user. Also we are providing a flexible system of discounts for perm partners
Ø  Promotional materials. To ensure the effective sales of our products and to increase our profits with you, we have developed standards for merchandising. We are supplying our partners with all equipment and materials:

  1. Branded tablets for sticking samples
  2. Leaflets, catalogues, brochures.

Our specialists will answer on all your questions with pleasure.