Products made of polypropylene

We produce packaging containers, Hot meal boxes as well as individual items of high-impact polypropylene (EPP).
Packaging products not only protect parts in transit, but also simplify the packaging and transportation, and increase the efficiency of unpacking and assembly.
Thermal insulation in combination with other properties such as light weight, structural strength, energy absorption, acoustic insulation and design flexibility ensures broad application of the material.
EPP significantly reduces the weight of the finished product and provides the noise reduction efficiency is 10 times higher than when using other materials
Our partners in polypropylene:
ARPRO is an impact energy management material, manufactured worldwide that provides a unique combination of material properties, making it ideal for use in a wide range of product applications. As a high performance engineering material, ARPRO provides a range of performance benefits for both manufacturer and end user, including; energy absorption with structural strength but very low weight, chemical resistance, thermal, acoustical and sound insulation. ARPRO is recyclable. Typical uses are; safety components for automotive applications, multi-use transport packaging (dunnage), HVAC housings and many more. For product specific information please visit