Sale of concomitant materials

Before the beginning of insulation, you should read this material insulation technology and a list of building materials. To begin, you must calculate the required thickness of a product and the desired proportion.
The thickness of the foam must meet the design dew point, as a rule, should not be less than 80 mm., So that even in the cold snaps glue which holds the foam, is thawed, and the sheets are not unstuck from the wall, but at the same time, warmed and three-and four-course, as well as five-centimeter sheets. The share must be at least 25, as indicated by the guests, according to which, one cubic meter of foam density of the 25th should have a mass in the range of 15 to 25 kg.
The first step is to prepare the wall works, namely, clean off any dirt, if the wall curve further trimmed before warming it and always primed.
Impregnating primer ПГС-122 - a ready-to-use liquid that is applied to the surface of consolidation and reduction of water-absorbent absorption bases resistant to deformation before executing them tiling.
 Then after processing walls, insulation is glued to a special adhesive mixture ПСТ-114 (pre-applied adhesive special comb trowel, in the case of a brick wall, or applied to all corners sheet single dabs of glue, to align the relief of the wall), then at the earliest the next day, and in the cold season from 1-3 days - a heater fixed dowels.
Analog glue mixture is polyurethane adhesive for attaching insulation boards on the outside and the inside - ARSENAL 85K. the advantage of which is the speed and ease of use. As early as 2 hours after fixing insulation boards can fix dowel.
Further reinforcing the universal mixture of  ПСТ-014 is attached a special acid-reinforcing mesh, specific gravity of not less than 145 g / m, the mesh is puttying with the same and adhesive grid.
When the first layer of putty dry - re-align the surface once again reinforcing mixture. At the end of drying, the surface of the dry mixture glazing designed for this purpose primer. For example, grounding paint ПГС-116 is designed for pre-treatment as a reason to strengthen, adhesion primer before applying the next texture, decorative coatings.
The final step will be the facade insulation finish leveling putty or, in recent times, it has become very fashionable, - applying plaster, texture "bark beetle", then - paint surface.

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