ICF Block TБ-50-under floor slab

A block is a concrete panel with one external wall height of 300 mm and a thickness of 50mm. The inner wall is missing.
Inside the block is a cavity in which the reinfircement is laying. Concrete is poured to a total level of 50mm in height to avoid cold bridges after laying slabs.The design has an L-shaped appearance.

Block Size: 1250 x 300 x 250 mm
The height of one of the outer wall: 300 mm
The thickness of the outer wall of the unit: 50mm
The inner wall: 50 mm
Internal depth: 150mm
Block area: 0.375 m2
Material: Polystyrene injection
Brand: ПСБ-С-35 ДСТУ Б В.2.7-8-94 
Hygienic conclusion: № 05.0302-04/18039 of 23.03.2010
ТУ В.2.7-25-2-00294349-098-2003

Price: 33 USD / pc


Price Per m of walls: 88 UAH

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